Mr Hedges Recommends Jo Malone


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Hey! So I have something super exciting to introduce to the blog’ a super cute guest speaker.. Mr Hedges! Come and see what he’s got in store for us!


Mr Hedges Recommends Jo Malone
So, if you know me, then you’ll know all about Mr Hedges and my love for hedgehogs in general! For as long as I can remember I’ve loved hedgehogs but sadly their dwindling numbers means I hardly ever saw them, luring me more into the mystery of these amazing creatures. Fast forward to early 2014 and as luck had it, I managed to find a African Pygmy hedgehog breeder and along came Mr Hedges, the cutest hedgehog of them all!

Mr Hedges soon got the interest of a lot of people around us, and soon enough his Instagram has collected over 12k in followers and made his way onto gift cards for Wilko. So with all his fame (not jealous what so ever…..) I asked him if he would kindly join in my blog as a guest speaker and show us what he thinks is worthy of blogging about! This can be anything from homewares, beauty, clothes, anything that Mr Hedges likes!

So you must be thinking how this works practically then? Pretty simple! What I’m going to do is line up a bunch of items, and put mr Hedges in front of them and see what he takes interest in the most, then it’s my job to talk about the item Mr Hedges has chosen! Pretty good collaboration eh? So what has Mr Hedges recommended for his first blog!?

Mr Hedges Recommends Jo Malone

Mr Hedges Recommends Jo Malone

Well he certainly hasn’t disappointed us! The first item he chose was a Jo Malone candle, Lime basil and Mandarin. He went nuts for this candle. Continuously trying to climb into the candle to sniff it even more, his little nose was going crazy! So what exactly did he love about this candle!?
I think it goes without saying that if something is made by Jo Malone, it’s going to be amazing.  Pretty much everything there comes with a bit of a price tag, but you know that you’re certainly getting high quality and that it’s going to last for ages. The beauty of Jo Malone candles that I love is how much the scent travels from room to room and it’s not too over powering. but when you walk into your flat or house after a long day at work, it’s like it welcomes you home with a massive warm hug. I have to admit, The lime basil and mandarin candle isn’t my favourite scent for a candle, but it sure is close! (Favourite is the peony scent, who’s with me on that!?)
Jo Malone is kept strictly for celebration periods, birthdays, Christmas etc, Making the scents all that more personal for us, and that’s probably why Mr Hedges loved it so much as it doesn’t come out that often for being lit. If you want to check out more Jo Malone, make sure you click here (Just don’t blame Mr Hedges when your bank balance is crying but you smell like the most amazing person ever!)

That’s all for Mr Hedges first recommendation, who knows what he will choose next! Do you have any ideas of what Mr Hedges may like?

Love always,


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