Where I’m shopping now – Sostrene Greene


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I had no idea Sostrene Greene was coming to Nottingham earlier on this year, by chance I stumbled past it the day it opened, and my bank balance has been paying for it since….

Where I’m shopping now – Sostrene Greene

Prior to Nottingham being lucky enough to have one of these amazing stores, i’d never heard of Sostrene Grene. From the outside It appeals to the curious, kind of dark with soft spotlights everywhere, it was certainly calling me in! a little browse wouldn’t hurt right?

However one hour, and £80 later I had one full car and a very exciting drive back to tell Richard all about my new find! So whats to love? Sostrene Greene is founded by quite possibly, two of the best sisters ever who bring to you your everyday household products, but made amazing and totally out of this world. You can get your crafty bits, homewares kitchen games, hair bath and even stuff you didn’t even know you needed, and you’ll  end up walking out of the shop with them without a doubt. The thing I love the most about this shop, is I like to call it a middle class Ikea, with everything coloured the beautiful colours of natural, subtle colours that work. The prices are ridiculously low too, I still don’t understand. Maybe they havent realised they have forgotten to put their mark up on the products? A few months back I got a gorgeous bell jar for £6, and in John lewis the exact same thing was £35! Bargain!!

Our flat now looks like a Sostrene Greene store and I’m totally in love with it! Here is just a few pieces that I’ve brought from them over the months. There is plenty more, and I’m sure much more to come!


These Mosaic style bowls are absolutely perfect for holding snacks, however I don’t use them for that. I much prefer just keeping them out for show, as the pattern is so bloomin’ gorgeous.. why would I want to cover it up?! and of course I had to get one of every pattern! These were available early this summer, and honestly not sure if they’re still around.. but its a great excuse to nip into the store!


A tall ceramic jug! I have no idea why I need it practically, but it looks gorgeous displayed on our bookcase in the hallway. Each of the jugs are made to look like they’re each individually made with their unique shaping of the jug itself which is such a beautiful personal touch! This is perfect with gypsophila just poking out of the top, Delicate flowers for a delicate jug/vase 🙂 I have a feeling, that this may still be in store! These have been purchased separately over the past few months, but i think they’re all still in store!


Whilst planning this post, i’ve learnt something about myself.. I have a thing for bowls that I love to put on display! Again, I think these are all too gorgeous and unique to actually use, so I’m probably sporting a bowl enthusiast look here, but i don’t mind that! These ranged between £1.80 for the pink bowl and £3.60 something for the spotty bowl. At a the risk of parroting myself, have they forgot the mark up on their prices?!


Cement style storage containers. now WHO doesn’t need these?! Funnily enough mid-week I really wanted some concrete sort of style introduced for the props and I was straight onto google for how to make cement, much to Richards silent horror. (Last year I brought loads of logs into the flat and sawed my life away for months on end, and found myself in a pile of sawdust.. it destroyed Richard cleaning OCD soul a little so I think he gets nervous when I look to start a new ‘project’) however I thought there much be something knocking around town and popped into Sostrene Grene more so out of habit, and there they was, tucked away on a shelf at the back smiling right at me. My dreams were coming true! So much so I went back to the store 3 times in two hours, purely because the new range had come out and I fell in love with it, and just had to refresh the flat to the current trends, of course!


Finally is my absolute favourite piece, My huge bell jar! Does this need any explaining? It’s just pure love! It only cost about £9.. and it’s flipping huge! Certainly a statement piece for any home, and always gets plenty of comments from anyone who pops rounds. Either they love the Jar.. or questioning the Dinosaur inside!


Love always,



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