The day job Boots Retoucher


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Hey! Over the past few months, i’ve been so crazy busy with life and being in the wedding season i’ve not really told anyone about my job at Boots as a retoucher, and the amazing perks!

The day job – Boots Retoucher

So.. Where do I start?!

Most of you will know that i’m a wedding photographer, and that was my full time job until June. Prior to this Myself and Richard was in talks for seeing if it was plausible for us to move to London to do my dream job, retouching for a production company. We decided between us to wait a year so that I could work though the wedding season and decide what I wanted long term. BUT out of nowhere the job managed to pop up within Nottingham, at Boots! Life has been a complete rollercoaster since then, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

I’ve quite literally worked myself into the ground, with no days off for over 4 months. But the rewards of doing both Boots and weddings are amazing. Quite a few people have said to me now that I have a ‘awesome’ life.. give me a bit more sleep in there and a few extra hours a day, and I would totally agree with you! haha. 😉

Tea Tree and Witch Hazel magazine feature

Tea Tree and Witch Hazel magazine feature

Anyway, main reason I’m doing this post is purely because last week I received some awesome news and wanted to share with the wider world! I’m so proud of our little team, as we work so hard, and the rewards are coming through! Mainly we work on the social side of boots, all the posts for Boots, Seventeen and No7 for their Facebook, Instagram etc.

However back in August we produced a shoot for Tea tree and Witch Hazel for boots with little knowledge of what the images was being produced for. I was lucky enough to do both the photography and retouching for this piece. Last week I found out 2 of the images got into the latest issue of Look Magazine and I couldn’t be any more proud! As well as this Saul (Photographer) has also got some amazing work going on in store at the moment for No7. The online version can be found here and it just makes me so proud of our team! we’re slowly spreading ourselves across the UK!


So what else do I do. well all sorts! Mainly retouching, Photography for mini club which is the baby and kids clothing range as well as much more shown below. Have a nosey at the retouching below 🙂

The day job - Boots Retoucher

The day job - Boots Retoucher

The day job - Boots Retoucher

The day job - Boots Retoucher


Theres so much I could show you, But if you fancy having a nosey at any other work we do, check out Boots Facebook! Its a good’un!


Love always,





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