Mr Hedges Recommends Yankee Candle


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Guess who’s Back! It’s Mr Hedges, and he’s got something new to recommend!

Mr Hedges Recommends Yankee Candle

So if you saw the last Mr Hedges post.. I think you’ll notice just like myself, that there is a trend appearing already. and its only the second post! Mr Hedges LOVES candles! Last time it was A Jo Malone candle. Today its a Yankee Candle, Pink Sands! Of course  Hedges loves candles because they smell so amazing (We only get the best candles here of course!) However it also reminds Mr Hedges of his trip to the beach, Have a look-see! Mr Hedges has saved this one for Throw Back Friday!


Hehehe, how adorable is he!! Mr Hedges Loves a nice warm beach to rest his spikey bum on, so of course it would pick a candle that is all warm and summery. However one problem Hedges, we’re in Autumn and winter now, and I think you’re kidding yourself that it’s still warm and summery with this Yankee candle! However just like the Jo Malone candle, Hedges went absolutely crazy for this. So it’s got to be blogged about of course!


So Whats to love about this candle? Well everything really! Yankee candle do such a vast array of candles I easily spent about half an hour in the shop choosing this myself. Can you imagine Mr Hedges in there? he’d never leave! The fact Hedges loved it too makes me happy knowing that I have a good choice in smelly stuff! Pink Sands has such a strong aroma, it fills the room nicely, but not too over powering. With hints of Vanilla, complimented beautifully with a gorgeous floral scent you instantly lose yourself and float a thousand miles away. The only bad point.. you’re not on that gorgeous beach pictured when you come back to reality! As well as the candle filling up the room with its gorgeous scent, Yankee candle burn times last so long, it means you get to enjoy the gorgeous candle for so much longer! I can’t find the burn time on this, but I believe it’s around 40+ hours which gives you plenty of time to snuggle down into the sofa, bath or even bed!


If you’re still reminiscing about summer, we highly recommend getting this candle! Check it out on the Yankee Candle website here


Love always,


Jess & Mr Hedges!

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