Time for Change – Autumn/Winter Makeup


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I’m sure I’m not on my own with this one, but winter seems to have popped out of nowhere! Past few days have been so freezing, which means I need to have a change around with my makeup, Come and have a nosey at what I’m using now!

Time for Change – Autumn/Winter Makeup

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love Autumn. It’s my favourite time of year. The suns low, amazing lighting for photos, still warm enough to potter around in a jumper and a skirt (Maybe add some tights in there) and you can just about get away with wearing a few pieces from your spring/summer wardrobe. However winter.. what are you doing to me?! wearing a thousand layers, making me walk around like a bit of a penguin because I’m that wrapped up I can no longer move my arms and legs properly. Then the makeup is all over my face because it’s either wet, misty or so darn cold my eyes are crying! This is so NOT okay!


So instead of sitting here moaning about it, I suppose I should do something about it! Luckily I have plenty of makeup to hand, and this year I’m so prepared, I’ve even surprised myself! Now, I havent photographed everything, just the main bits, but I’ll make sure to include everything that I find helps reduce one very wintry problem. Keeping my makeup on trend, and actually on my face! (Who’d of thought it?!)



In winter one of the main problems I have is makeup quite simply sliding off my face and it drives me crazy. why… oh why… do you do this to me?! If I wanted the Panda look I would have started the day looking like a 3-year-old has done my makeup! However I have found a part solution! I’ve used primers before but found they just sit on my skin, until I found this Estee Launder Primer! The only way I can explain it, is like silk has just melted onto your face. One thing I suffer from especially in the winter is dry skin, and since using this in the morning the problem has vanished! Not only is it a fabulous primer, but it’s moisturing and with it being a Matte finish.. there’s no shine! Genius!

You can buy this product here for £25


I promise I’m not a Estee Launder fan girl! Okay.. a little.. but for good reasons! When  I’m using their primer, the next step is the foundation, and I can’t rate this product enough! Over the past 2 years I’ve heard amazing reviews about this foundation when I’ve been photographing weddings (30 last year, 50 this year so I’ve heard about it a fair few times!) however I’ve always been nervous buying it. Purely because I have no flipping’ idea what my foundation colour is meant to be, and I didn’t want to fork out so much money to buy a foundation in a colour that probably wasn’t going to suit me. I bit the bullet though and got what (I think at least!) is my shade, and I’m in makeup heaven! I like to switch between this foundation and YSL, however I find Estee launder just sits better in the colder weather. Maybe its a little thicker? Once its on though. it hardly moves, thank god! Little tip from weddings too, this foundation is perfect for covering up tattoos, if you ever had a reason to?!

You can buy this foundation from here for £31


I’ll be honest, I’m totally new to this whole eyeshadow game until a few months ago. Totally feel like I’ve been missing out for the last like.. 10 years though. Why did no one properly introduce me to eyeshadow before?! The Palette in the photograph is by Sleek and oh my word it is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. I’ve been experimenting with various other brands since receiving this as a present, and I always find myself coming back to it. The pigmentation is amazing, and perfectly coloured for autumn and/or winter and it doesn’t budge once its on either.. honestly it can be a pain to get off, but its an eyeshadow I can trust!

I tried looking for this palette but found it was a limited edition one, however you can check out the rest of the sleek eyeshadow on the boots website here


Now, this is a proper girl problem and it’s the main change for me. In the winter I get so cold my eyes water a bit, anyone with me on this one? It’s so bloody annoying, as it means my mascara goes everywhere. cue the panda look! However I found the perfect solution! Usually i keep away from waterproof mascaras as they can be a little clumpy, but Bourjois are doing it right! it glides on so nicely, and it’s solved my panda look! one problem though.. It can be quite the pain to get off, along with the eyeshadow. but hey I can’t complain about still having makeup on at the end of the evening!


Just putting it out there. Any month of the year is a perfect time to be wearing red lipstick and red nails. such a classic look that I’m a massive sucker for. I easily have about 15 different shades of red in both Lipsticks and nail varnishes, and it breaks my heart when I get to the end of one, even though I have a stupid amount more than I need. So as you can imagine I have gone through quite a lot of brands to find my perfect ones! I went through all the premium and crazy expensive designer brands, but I found the ‘ones’ in Sally Hansen and No7! they both last for so long, you can’t go wrong!


you can buy both of them at boots! Go check them out 🙂


Finally to finish the look off, in winter, It’s essential to finish off with a nice fixing spray! Helps to keep things there that little bit longer, but please read the instructions. Don’t do what I did and spray it on your face about 15 times. not only does your makeup run horrifically, but it always sticks there, and for quite a long time its pretty hard to move your face without every other part of your face moving with it. I warned you!


Love always,



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