A Floral Addiction


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Every spring this very dangerous addiction pops up in the flat.. A Floral Addiction! Having a Fiancé that has quite bad hayfever, you can imagine how thrilled he is with me, whilst I’m happily surrounded by floral plants, bouquets, orchids and all the veggies & fruit growing around us, he’s busy spending the day sneezing away, but our flat is so beautiful and colourful! Richard is understanding.. He says!

I can’t really say I’m a fan of winter to be honest, as much as I love the chunky knits, snuggling down, endless book reading and pretty much hibernating in bed, there is limited flowers. All the the trees are bare, and where ever you look its the most muted and bland colour palette, everywhere. I absolutely love colour, so you can imagine how dreary this time period can get for me, as I’m sure lots of you feel exactly the same! However this period is short lived thankfully!  when I start spotting the beautiful Ranunculus around the beginning of April making their way into the local flower shop, I squeal with joy! Theres just something so special about these stunning flowers, other than being the iconic flower for Rifle paper co, they’re timeless, smell beautiful and last such a long time, you can’t beat them!

With having so many petals, they can take a little while to open I find. some of them can take up to a week to open, then once opened they can last for another 5-7 days before wilting. Can’t complain about that for long life! They also come in a beautiful array of colours too, So far I’ve seen them in a deep red, orange, pink, white and green. Only downside about these stunning ranunculus, is sadly they don’t hang around for too long, I seem to find them in the flower shops for around a month. Brief but they sure make an impact.

These have since started to become limited in shops (Unless you’re at the London St Pancras flower shop, they’re in the millions there!) but one massive plus i’ve noticed this year is supermarkets have started jumping on the ranunculus bandwagon now! as much as I enjoyed the exclusivity of these flowers, it does now mean they’re much more accessible, and cheaper! hurrah!

Of course, another fan of these stunning flowers, Is Ollie the dog! He crashed my photoshoot, and he looked far too cute and comfy to move. How could I say no to those beautiful eyes?!


Do you have a favourite flower you can’t live without each year? tell me all about it!


Jess x

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