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Fashion is a part of life that I absolutely love, however my bank balance sure doesn’t! I’m guilty of being on of them people who can spend hours in a shop just deciding over one piece. Then right at the end, buy it, start walking out of the shop and spot something else. and repeat. This is probably why no one ever comes clothes shopping with me! Even though I am quite an indecisive person buying, i’ve still ended up with 2 wardrobes bursting with clothes that i’ve got to fight on a daily basis just to get dressed. Anyone else with me on this?!

I recently had this exact shopping experience with New Look however I still couldn’t decide, so I just walked out with this beautiful skirt, then by the time I go home, I was already ordering everything i’d picked up, but online, and now I’m a walking, talking advertisement for New Look. (Other than the pink blazer – that’s Primark)

I’m not usually one for slogan tops, but anyone who knows me, will know my love for Paris, how could I not resist this top? (Thanks New Look!) It has my attitude written all over it, quite literally. How could I not buy this? The Midi skirt is from New Look also. I saw a lady walking down the street a few weeks prior to buying it, and very quickly became obsessed with it. A lot of internet hunting lead me straight into New look and I couldn’t have been happier. Being a vintage girl myself, midi skirts are my signature look so this was a no brainer. I struggle finding midi skirts in something other than a floral pattern, how cliché! So having this in a beautiful floating black fabric creates the perfect classic silhouette, what’s not to love?

To finish the look, I popped on some god sends of heels. The struggle is real with me and Heels. It was a complete hate relationship until I tried these. Block heels (stilettos are a death sentence for me)  ankle strap, and they have special comfort soles inside. Love Love Love!


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Do you have any staple pieces you can’t live without? Let me know in the comments!


Jess x

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