A vintage bloggers spring must haves!


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A vintage bloggers spring must haves!

So we’re sat here in the middle of Spring, the sun is currently smiling down on us, and i’m thinking how blessed I am to be sat here relaxing, painting my nails with some beautiful shades for spring! In all honesty With having a full time job, my own wedding business and this blog, these moments are few and far between. so I have to cherish these moments as much as humanly possible!

So with these special little moments, what am I choosing to do?

A vintage bloggers spring must haves!

Oh, how very stereotypical of me a red nail varnish! Of course, the nails have to be red! Until recently I used to wear acrylic nails a lot to get the perfect manicure. (how women in the 40’s has such stunning nails consistently, baffles me) however I’ve decided natural is best. So I grin and beared the awful growing out stage and I have my nails back, which means I get to wear my nails beautifully again! Red is one of few colours I’ll wear however I find when it starts to chip, it’s much more noticeable. I’m a very hands on person so this has always been a problem for me, Until I found Sally Hansen Miracle Gel! It goes on quite thick, and does take a little longer to dry and set to most other high street brands, however once it’s on.. it doesn’t budge. Perfect!

I suppose I can try and get away with a pink? Far enough from red, but not flying off the colour chart too much, or out of my comfort zone!

A vintage bloggers spring must haves!

Moisturising my whole body is one thing I hate to admit I forget to do sometimes, and my skin hates me for it. My face moisturise on a daily basis, but it doesn’t take me long to get dry skin elsewhere. With my forgetfulness, I find it difficult to find a moisturiser than still sinks into my skin. Sanctuary Spa has solved this problem for me though, light, airy, smells amazing and gives me a gorgeous highlighter shine all over me. Whats not to love?

Estee Lauders triple action cleanser suits me down to the ground. Time is precious so where I can merge any of the daily beauty steps, I will! Having a cleanser/toner/makeup remover all in one is a dream come true for this Jess. Simply give the bottle a quick shake, pump the amazing smelling lather into your hands, rub onto your face, (Don’t rush this bit because seriously, you’ll get lost in the amazing smell) and then rinse off with cold water. done in 2 minutes, max? Suits me!

A vintage bloggers spring must haves!

To finish my spring must haves, It would be unheard of me to go without a classic red lipstick. I have over 10 different brands and shades of red lipsticks, But Max factor is always the one I come back to. It’s so moisturising and doesn’t dry out, but I have to be careful with smudging it, the only downside! May I should do a blog post on classic red lipsticks, yes/no?







So here you’ve seen what I can’t live without this spring, tell me what you just can’t do without!


Jess x



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