Whats hiding in my bag?


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Whats hiding in my bag?


I’ve cleared out my handbag! Everyone who knows me, this doesn’t happen enough. I’m one of those people who will buy a brand new handbag, promise to keep it in its best condition, and a few months later its already trashed. To be fair, with my Mulberry I have kind of stuck to keeping it clean… kind of. It still got to the state that I would sift through receipts for a good 5 minutes before being able to find anything though.

So, now all the receipts have been cleared out, sweet wrappers and loose change collected, what do I actually want in my handbag? Well to start, I’m so paranoid about smelling I always carry perfume around with me. I know full well I don’t smell bad, but its not a risk I’m willing to take! I carry this beautiful Miss Dior perfume in 50ML with me most days. Its perfect size for getting in most handbags, or loosing them in my case. and its lasting absolutely ages. The scent is so long lasting, I have about 2 sprays of this throughout the day, and I’m good to go!

As well as this, I have to have my diary with me. I’m such a busy person, I need a hour by hour schedule just to kind of stay on top of life. I have a stunning Diary from Rifle paper co. If you love pretty flowers and girly colours, get yourself over to their website pronto!

Whats hiding in my bag? Nottingham beauty blogger WJL reveals all.

Lipstick is always in my handbag without fail. I have over 10 red lipsticks, all very similar shades of red so it isn’t a worry incase I need a top up. Theres at least one in each bag, So i’m totally covered on that front! My absolute favourite lipstick toys between the Max factor Ruby Tuesday, and this amazing YSL classic red. This one has a slight matte look to it once applied, so it isn’t too wet or dry on your lips, It’s a dream! There is quite the price jump between the Max Factor lipstick and the YSL lipstick, however you do pay for quality and longevity of the YSL lipstick.

Moisturizing cream is another must for me, as i’m sure it is for most ladies. One problem I have is that I don’t put it on enough, and I get dry skin quickly, so there is only a few brands which get this right for me, NUXE being one of them! This product is a new one for me, but since I started using it there is no going back, nice creamy texture, soaks straight in and I can get back on with me day within minutes without waiting for the product to soak in! Sadly I only have a little tube of this, but i don’t think it will bel long before I get my next one!

Whats hiding in my bag? Nottingham beauty blogger WJL reveals all.

Last, but not least, it HAS to be chocolate! I’ll be honest I can be a hormonal woman and chocolate is the only answer. I’m sure theres plenty of you with me on that one? One mistake I’ve learnt from (kind of) is to only buy chocolate in small portions, otherwise i will just eat everything with no regrets until the day after when i’m all sluggish. Thankfully Charbonnel & Walker have got this down to a tea. 3 of the most amazing tasting chocolate truffles certainly helps me get out of whatever crisis i’m in, and i can carry on with my day again.

Is there anything vital i’m missing from my handbag, that you just can’t live without? Let me know in the comments!








Jess x

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  • Jess Athorn

    Written on June 22, 2017


    My bag is in desperate need of a clear out right now and you’ve just prompted me to do it! I’ve never carried perfume around in my bad before because I was afraid of it breaking but it’s actually a really good idea, especially on these unbearably hot days! I’ve always got some form of snack in my bag as well, although mine is usually a chocolate protein bar

    Jess x

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