Self confessions of a perfume hoarder


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Self confessions of a perfume hoarder


So I own a lot of perfumes, Like 30 different ones. Is that bad? Am I classed as a hoarder? Maybe. I wasn’t this bad prior to working at Boots, but I got obsessed with smelling perfumes at the weekend so I knew what I would buy next. One perfume turned into another, and then another, and now I have a whole shelf dedicated just to my perfumes. I would display them beautifully on my dressing table and spend days, weeks, just admiring their beauty.


However I soon realised I didn’t buy these perfumes to go to waste! One by one they’ve slowly been coming off the shelf and slipping into my bag, and now I feel ready to tell you all about my favourite perfumes.

Self confessions of a perfume hoarder

Well, It was quite hard to narrow down, But I think I got it down to these 3, YSL, Dior and my ultimate, Jo Malone!

Jo Malone

Jo Malone is a perfume I had been after for years, I was forever guilty of going in the shops wherever I was just to go and smell the beautiful scents, to then come up with some random excuse with why I wasn’t buying it. The excuse was usually that i was smelling them to make sure I knew which I wanted my partner to buy me, Which was 100% true. But I had to go in every time just to make sure. Peony and Blush Suede is an all time favourite of mine and I know a lot of you love it also. This is a very seductive perfume, with all the floral hints being thrown at you. Its incredibly long lasting, and whenever I wear it more often than not I’ll get someone approach me asking what Perfume i’m wearing. It’s priced at £88 per bottle which isn’t the cheapest on the market, but boy it’s worth it.

YSL – Mon Paris

Self confessions of a perfume hoarder

This one is a new favourite of mine. YSL has always been pretty high on my favourite perfumes list, however I did miss this out somehow. I honestly didn’t even realise it was around, So as soon as I could, I brought it to test it out, and in true YSL style It wasn’t to disapoint. Mon Paris is all about capturing the seductiveness of a true love affair, as inspired by one of the most beautiful cities, Paris. When you spray it on you, it is intense, and you can see exactly how captivating it is. I feel like i’ve committed a crime now having this perfume in my collection any time sooner, can I be forgiven for my sins?

Miss Dior

The perfume that started it all, Miss Dior. this was the first perfume I got that wasn’t one of the typical Rihanna perfumes I loved at the time. Once I got this Dior perfume Every other perfume was in the bin and there was no going back, and my bank balance sure knew about it too. Miss Dior Is a Fresh, Fruity and floral scent that happily lasts all day. This starts off as an intense perfume, but once it settles down, it has a light musky undertone. an absolutely beautiful scent, and the smaller sized bottle, 50ml is perfect size for your handbag also!









Do you have a favourite perfume? Would love to know what you can’t live without!


Jess x





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