What Im wearing this weekend


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What Im wearing this weekend

It’s the weekend woohoo! How many of you have been just sat waiting for it to come along, like me?! This week feels like a super long one, So all the more excuse to dress up and make the most of this weekend. My plans this weekend is to photograph a wedding, have a nice relaxing evening and then have a sneaky look around the Chatsworth flower show. Can’t go wrong with flowers, am I right girls?!


Because i’m going to be a bit here, there, and everywhere, I need a easy versatile outfit. First port of call is to get the good old trousers out. Especially for the wedding that i’m working on, I need to be practical, but still look nice!


Pink seems to be a colour that has very quickly made its way into my life, and doesn’t look to be leaving any time soon. These pink trousers from new look are so amazing though, I can’t take them off at the weekends. They’re skin tight, with a slit up each leg at the front, making them slightly quirky. Im not usually one for slits in trousers, but I couldn’t resist these ones. Around the waist, the fit is perfect, especially with the elasticated material, they’re perfect for that time of the month, if you get what I mean! 😉

With these trousers, I then paired it up with a vintage blouse, in true Jess fashion. (Whats an outfit if it doesn’t have a hint of vintage in?!)  I actually got this from a charity shop a few years ago. I go through phases with these, You can find some absolute vintage gems in any of your local charity shops, but you’ve got to have the time and patience to go through them. Modern life man, doesn’t give you much chance to do this though!

With this blouse, its perfect for the busy day ahead, it has a slight sheer fabric, which does mean its see through, so a strappy top under is needed, but its also breathable, which is perfect for a nice spring/early summers day, and perfect for a busy Jess too!

Keeping in with the 3 way minimal colour palette, I then went for my classic Mulberry handbag in black (Of course!) which i’m sure is a secret Tardis – PERFECT! and my amazing New look comfort heels. If you know me, you’ll know i’m hopeless in heels, these are a god send, and they look classic. perfect for any outfit, if i’m having a crazy day running around or a day swanning around shops. Win win!

Then to finish the look, just incase we hit it lucky and get sun for more than 5 minutes, I’ve paired my Collectif 50’s Glasses with my gorgeous New Look hat, Both in black.

This is definitely my latest go to outfit for any busy days, So I can keep practical with the trousers. In dresses/skirts i’m always weary of them flying up and not having pockets, so this solves all my problems, and I still look smart and presentable!

Do you have a go to outfit that you can’t live without? Would love to know all about it!






Please note, mulberry bag is a old design, so i’ve linked to a similar one 🙂

Much love,



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