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Recently I was given the opportunity to work with Prestige Flowers. I company I was previously brought flowers from, and will certainly buy flowers from again. If you’re flower crazy, like me, then this post is certainly for you!

Flowers have always been consistent in life from me, right from being a kid and covering my hair in daisies, right to constant arrangement of flowers and plants in our pretty little flat. Their scent, the bright colours, and when the flowers start to open, they can make anyone break into a smile and feel happy, and at home. When the opportunity came around, I could help but do a happy squeal. I had no idea what I would be receiving, but I knew it was going to be good from having flowers from them before. Before I knew it there was a package at the door, and the stunning flowers had arrived!

Before I even opened the box, I could smell the beautiful scent of the roses. You know their high quality when you can smell them this well. For my usual bouquets, I’ll get flowers from the supermarket, and they never smell as good as what I had received from Prestige Flowers. Once opened, I was presented with a stunning bouquet, a beautiful mix of roses, succulents, wild flowers & daisies and man various flowers and foliage, which was nothing short of completely beautiful. A sweet little surprise was also getting a super cute little teddy, and a vase, the perfect size for the bouquet!

I knew straight away these would look perfect for our shoot that day in Nottingham, and I whisked them straight to the city. As expected, we couldn’t get enough of these flowers, and there is plenty of shots of them. Whats even better is a week later, they’re still standing proud in our home, looking and smelling amazing! So please enjoy the gallery, and if you would like to purchase them please check our Prestige Flowers website below ( mine are from the luxury range!)

Jess xo

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