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Hey, so I realised even though I post a lot on Instagram and my blog, not that many people know much about me, other than what I post online! So.. I thought this would be a great opportunity to get to know me! I’ve popped 10 things on here people have asked me about in the past, and stuff which you may find interesting? Or not, this could show I’m like the most boring person, ever. But here it goes!

10 things about Moi – Jess Rigley Nottingham Blogger

1. I was born and grew up in the glorious city of Nottingham. I haven’t always lived here though. I used to go to uni in Cheltenham, which is a great small town if you’re ever in the area, which I really loved! As well as that, I had various periods of living in London too, where I was working my way around the photography studios for my experience. My dream would be to live in London, or at least a lot closer, however I will never be earning that sort of dollar!

2. Since 2016 I have been working at boots within the content/social team. I started off as a retoucher and just over a year ago moved over to become the In house photographer. I can happily say I absolutely love my job. I produce mostly the product photography that goes on the boots social channels (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc) as well as model photography for the boots.com inspiration page. It’s fun!

3. Up until September last year I have a beautiful little man in my life called Mr hedges, the hedgehog. He was a huge part of our lives for nearly 4 years and got very ill while we was on holiday. He was super well-known around the Instagram community, who followed all his adventures around the world, and broke a lot of hearts when he left us. He was going to be the ring bearer for our wedding this year, but sadly no more. He was the perfect cuddly little hedgehog there ever was!

4. I have been featured in various magazines and exhibitions for my personal photography worldwide,  which I’ve been shooting since I was 15. This included a lot of self portraiture, fashion and portraiture much in the surreal, and high fashion areas. My regular clients were Toni & guy, oasis, warehouse, converse and cow vintage. It was super fun, and a part of my life I will always, always love.

5. I was shortlisted for the best up and coming wedding photographer in 2016, which was the most nerve wrecking experience of my life. Sadly I didn’t win the grand prize, but I did come 2nd or 3rd. I never found out which though!

6. I’m getting married! September this year in Nottinghamshire think of blush pink and rose gold, vintage goodness, and you’re looking straight at our wedding!

7. I have a dream of living in a barn house with Pygmy goats. Yeah sounds a little crazy, but we’re looking to buy our first house in the coming year, and I can’t work out why we can’t have that as our first house? Pricing may be a problem, but aim high and all that, right?!

8. I have worked with quite a few celebrities Nicki Minaj, Ben Fogle, Trinny and Susannah, Marlin Manson Alan carr, and a few others that I can’t remember off-hand (famous models) I used to do a lot of assisting work in a high-end studio in London where I got to chat to these celebrities. It was quite refreshing how normal and friendly they are, even though their lives are in the spotlight. Recently with Boots I’ve been shooting quite a lot with the lovely Fearne Cotton who is just amazing and so down to earth. She is goals.

9. I have a long-term mental condition called c-ptsd. This was something that I was diagnosed with July last year, and the main reason I stopped blogging for about 10 months. Still to this day it still is a huge part of my life, but even though it stopped me from blogging, it has also been the reason that I’ve started up again. Self love is something you should never stop doing, no matter what situation you’re in.

10. I own a lot of plants. And by a lot… I mean, 70-ish?! I know, I know, it sounds like a lot, but I have lots of really tiny succulent plants  that are smaller than my palm of my hand.. For now. Give us a year or two and we will successfully be living in a tropical jungle. Not a problem for now… Right!?

So here you go! Here is 10 lots of juicy pieces of information about me! I may adapt on these at a later stage, but for now, here you go! Hope you enjoyed
Jess xo

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